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What are the most popular casino games in New Zealand?

New Zealand is home to some of the most popular casino games in the world. From Blackjack and Roulette to Craps and Slot Machines, there is something for everyone at a New Zealand casino. But what are the most popular games? Here are five of the most popular casino games in New Zealand.


There’s no doubt that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in New Zealand. Whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or an online one, chances are good that you’ll find plenty of blackjack tables to choose from.

But if you want the best possible chance of winning, you’ll want to avoid the common mistakes that many people make when playing blackjack. Some of these mistakes can be caught and corrected, while others are all too easy to fall into. If you don’t want your blackjack experience to turn out to be a sour one, it’s best to take the time to learn all about the most common blackjack mistakes.

This is because blackjack is a quick-moving game that is relatively simple to learn and gives players many opportunities to win substantial sums of money. The next time you are in a casino, you should consider playing blackjack if you’re looking for a game that could offer you both excitement and the chance to win money.


There’s no doubt that roulette is another popular casino game in New Zealand. With its simple rules and straightforward gameplay, it’s no wonder this game continues to be a favourite among Kiwi players.

The game of roulette was first developed in France in the 17th century. It was first played outdoors on a cobbled street, but today, the game is most often found on an expansive roulette table, surrounded by red or green felt.

With its simple rules and straightforward gameplay, it’s no wonder this game continues to be a favourite among Kiwi players.

To begin, players must first place their bets on a table marked with different sections: red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers, etc. The dealer spins a ball on a wheel with 38 numbered pockets.

The ball lands in a pocket, and the outcome is called out. The dealer also states which wagers will “win” payout following the result. That’s pretty much the whole game.


The most popular craps tables are found in casinos, and you’re unlikely to find a dice game on a poker table, so if you’re looking for a chance to play, you’ll need to look for a venue that caters for both. Craps is usually played with only one dealer acting as the croupier.

Playing games has been going strong for hundreds of years, and it does not appear that this trend will end any time soon. Craps is entertaining for a variety of reasons, including its rapid-fire action and the feeling of camaraderie that one gets from participating in the activity alongside other people at the same table.

And when it comes to the overall odds of winning, Craps is one of the most even, or close to even, of all casino games. You need to win once every sixteen times to make a profit. If you’re interested in trying this game for yourself, you’ll need to head online and make use of an online casino. The great thing about online games is that you can play them anytime and anywhere from your computer.

Slot Machines

New Zealanders love their pokies, and there’s no doubt that they’re the most popular casino game in the country. There are over 20,000 machines spread across more than 2,000 venues, and they’re responsible for around $900 million in annual gambling revenue. That’s a lot of money flowing through those slot machines! So what makes pokies so popular?

Pokies are the greatest casino game to play when you’re playing at the minimum bet of one penny per line. That’s because they come in such a wide variety of different formats, thanks to New Zealand’s gaming authorities. You have video-based pokies, card-based pokies and a mix of both, progressive jackpots, and so many more options you could play for years and not come close to seeing them all.

Playing pokies is simple. There are no complicated rules to learn, and they don’t require the player to understand numbers. Pokies are all about picking the right symbols; when the player gets it right, they’ll win money.


There are many popular casino games in New Zealand, but poker is one of the most iconic. Whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or an online one, poker is always a game that gets people excited. Something about trying to outsmart your opponents and bluffing your way to a victory makes poker so thrilling.

The most popular form of poker in New Zealand is Texas Hold’em. This is a casino game based on the traditional five-card poker game. There are several variations of poker and many variations of Texas Hold’em, but the most popular variation is known as No Limit Texas Hold’em. This is the best type to start with if you want to learn how to play poker.

The popularity of poker in New Zealand has seen the creation of many poker rooms that cater to both locals and tourists. Many of the casinos in New Zealand also allow you to play live poker games via their websites. If you want to play poker in New Zealand, there are plenty of great options for you to choose from.

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